Has your organisation considered a preventative maintenance programme for windows and doors?
The key to keeping today’s modern materials performing faultlessly is Hazlemere’s Commercial preventative maintenance plan, which is a simple, cost-effective way of ensuring that you don’t have the worry of double glazed windows and doors failing and the expense of finding a reputable company to repair them.

As an expert aluminium and UPVC window maintenance company, the key to our preventative maintenance plan is an agreed scheme of regular maintenance using our own highly experienced team of technicians that can spot and remedy problems before they become a headache for you.

Contact Hazlemere Commercial’s Installation and Maintenance Manager to find out how and why a preventative maintenance programme will help save your organisation time, trouble and money. Ask for a no obligation quotation and consultation from an experienced double glazed windows and doors preventative maintenance expert by calling freephone 08000 825 825.