Solar shading is a system which is used to control the amount of heat and light from the sun which enters a building. High quality solar shading products can significantly improve a building’s energy efficiency performance. They help to regulate a building’s interior temperature by allowing enough light in and reflecting any excess solar heat.

Solar shading from Reynaers Aluminium

Solar shading from Reynaers and Sapa is designed to allow the right amount of sunlight into a building without excessive heat build-up. It does this by integrating an aluminium sun screen to the building’s exterior. These Brise Soleil systems are a set of louvre blinds which are mounted to the outside of a building’s façade.

Brise Soleil systems are available in a range of different styles and configurations. They can be attached in the horizontal or vertical plane and can feature fixed or movable louvres. Solar shading can be securely anchored to curtain walling, brick, concrete, and steel structures. The structure of a horizontal solar shading system is strong enough to be used as a walkway for overall building maintenance, providing the ultimate in versatility.

Radically reducing solar heat gain

Aluminium is the perfect material for solar shading systems. It is durable, low maintenance, strong, and aesthetically attractive. Solar shading louvres provide a contemporary look to any building while regulating solar heat gain to create a comfortable working environment. Aluminium can be finished in almost any colour with a range of matt, gloss, wood or metallic effect finishes.

Some solar shading systems use photovoltaic technologies to further enhance a building’s energy efficiency. A photovoltaic system converts energy from the sun, generating power by using solar cells. It can be incorporated into a building’s existing energy source to generate additional electrical power. Using high quality solar shading systems can reduce the need for air conditioning while allowing sufficient light to enter the building.

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