Aluminium windows and doors, like UPVC windows and doors, are often thought of as being relatively maintenance free double glazing products, and in the main they are, but just like with other products with moving parts, these elements do need to be maintained on a reasonably regular basis in order to a) ensure their continuous smooth operation throughout the warranty period and b) to prolong their operational life and longevity well after the warranty has long expired.

To help extend the lifetime operation of its products, Hazlemere Commercial are always more than willing to provide clients with a no obligation quotation to carry out the annual maintenance recommended by aluminium system houses such as Sapa (now owned by Hydro) aluminium fenestration products.

Hazlemere Commercial would strongly recommend that the requirements set out in a) Sapa Building Systems After Care Guide, and b) Section 3 of Hazlemere Commercial’s Operation and Maintenance Manual it issues on completion of every commercial contract. Section 3 advises that “Every 12 months check lubrication and operation of all locks, hinges, closers, shoot bolts and other moving parts and, where necessary, carry out adjustment and lubrication.” By doing this maintenance roughly annually, it will definitely make a big difference and will prolong the operational functionality of the bespoke Sapa aluminium windows and doors Hazlemere Commercial manufactured and installed.

One important thing to note when maintaining aluminium windows and doors etc, as per Sapa’s After Care Instructions, section 1 on cleaning “On no account are alcohols, esters or ketones, or other organic solvents to be used nor are polishes containing harsh abrasives”

Maintenance is important in many cases to comply with the terms of some manufacturers warranties, which is another reason to ensure the products are maintained in accordance with the Operations & Maintenance Manuals issued.

There is no obligation whatsoever on Hazlemere Commercial’s clients to use Hazlemere to carry out the annual recommended preventative maintenance, but it strongly recommends clients have the work carry out by professionals as required by Sapa i.e. “Replacement of faulty or damaged parts should be carried out by an experienced person using the correct parts” and any functional issues should be investigated “by a person familiar with the product.”

Hazlemere employ full-time PAYE dedicated highly experienced technical service engineers to undertake whatever remedial repairs may be required during the 10 year warranty period that all Hazlemere Commercial customers get as standard, but also to undertake maintenance of the products where clients have entered into a separate maintenance agreement. As independent fabricators and installers, Hazlemere Commercial manufacture a range of different profiles from different system houses, plus are able to offer maintenance contracts on aluminium fenestration products that they have not installed, and often customers are left needing assistance if the company they purchased windows and doors from disappears before or after the end of the warranty period, and the products need repairs and maintenance.

Hazlemere Commercial always advise potential and existing clients that it is important they understand the potential consequences of not regularly maintaining and servicing aluminium windows and doors in accordance with the Operation and Maintenance Manuals supplied. Just like servicing cars prolongs their life and improves their performance, it is no different with the moving parts of commercial aluminium windows and doors.