Aluminium is the most popular material for commercial building applications. It has a range of excellent characteristics including durability, weather resistance, attractive aesthetics, and versatility. There are lots of companies that extrude and develop aluminium products, but which one should you choose for your commercial project?

Material expertise from Sapa aluminium

Sapa aluminium is a world leader in aluminium product development. They produce aluminium solutions for a diverse range of applications from building and construction to transportation, infrastructure, and automotive. The experts at Sapa have spent years understanding the composition of aluminium and combining the best materials for a range of requirements.

Aluminium in its pure form is a relatively soft material. Pure aluminium, therefore, would not withstand the pressures often associated with its required use. The solution to this problem is to create an aluminium alloy. Sapa aluminium create a wide range of aluminium alloys, researched, and designed to meet a variety of specifications. There are hundreds of different aluminium alloys, mixing varying amounts of elements to produce products for numerous situations.

The advantages of alloying aluminium

Alloying involves combining two or more elements to create a new material, the alloy. The alloy takes on characteristics of all the combined materials, making it stronger, more malleable, or aesthetically smoother, depending on the materials used.

Aluminium windows, doors, and curtain walling are usually made from aluminium alloy 6063. This alloy is created by combining aluminium with magnesium and silicon. The resulting alloy is heat treatable and weldable, allowing complex shapes such as curves and angles to be formed. It has an extremely smooth finish, perfect for anodising, to create an attractive visual effect, popular in architectural applications.

At Hazlemere Commercial, we pride ourselves on using the best aluminium products for all our installations. That’s why Sapa are one of our preferred aluminium product suppliers. Their material knowledge sets them apart from other fabricators, providing the best in commercial aluminium solutions.

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