In partnership with both the glazing industry and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) launched the Glass Charter Merit Scheme with the aim of there being less accidents and safer working conditions in factories and on sites. The goal of the scheme is to measure improvement of those companies who join the scheme by way of six criteria areas which capture the key elements of what is regarded as good Health and Safety. These are

  1. Safety Management – The commitment and supporting structures to make the system work.
  2. Accident & Incident Management – Incident reporting, recording and investigating.
  3. Rules, Procedures & Permits – Safe systems of work necessary in your business.
  4. Planned Inspections & Maintenance – Keeping your employees safe by keeping equipment maintained.
  5. Personal Protective Equipment – Identifying the equipment needed and ensuring its availability and use.
  6. Training, Communication & Consultation – Keeping employees safe through training and communication.

On 14th February 2019, Hazlemere were presented with their first GGF Glass Charter Merit Scheme award at a joint meeting of the GGF Windows and Doors Group plus the Conservatory Association in Birmingham by GGF Home Improvement Executive (HIE) Chairman David Thornton (right) of the Window Company Ltd. One of Hazlemere Commercial’s Directors, Mark Austin (left) received the award on behalf of Hazlemere. Mark also happens to be the elected Chairman of the Windows and Doors Group, a Director of the GGF and also sits on the HIE to represent the views of the companies who attend the Windows and Doors Group meetings.