Are you involved in a large-scale commercial installation project? Do you want to employ a company with an excellent reputation for quality and efficiency? If so, you should look for an LHC accredited installer.

LHC collaborate with buyers, residents, suppliers, and installers to create a database of essential service providers. One of their main aims is to provide the best value procurement solution for commercial installation projects. LHC is a non-profit organisation who seek to improve the sometimes-complex processes involved in commercial building projects by creating a universal framework for each type of installation.

The core values of LHC

The LHC have devised several frameworks for different types of installation. The frameworks are:

  • Off-site construction of new homes
  • Schools and community buildings
  • Entrance door sets
  • Aluminium window and door products
  • PVCu window and door products
  • Timber window and door products
  • Asbestos works and services
  • Vacant property protection and associated services
  • Kitchen and bathroom replacements
  • Supply of kitchen units and work tops
  • Energy efficiency and refurbishment
  • Flat roofing
  • Pitched roofing
  • Major works

By employing an LHC accredited company, you are using an installer who is conversant with a framework which has a proven success rate. LHC highly value characteristics in a company such as, flexibility, industry knowledge, transparency, integrity, staff development, professionalism, strategic initiative, commitment to ethical working, and understanding of regulations. LHC accredited installers are committed to providing the best possible service in their field of expertise.

Commercial aluminium from Hazlemere

Hazlemere Commercial are LHC accredited. Achieving LHC accreditation requires an extremely high standard of products and services. When reviewing an application, the LHC will consider, cost-effectiveness, social impact, community benefits, and environmental sustainability. When applying for LHC accreditation, our comprehensive CSR policy helped us to show our dedication to professionalism and industry best-practice.

At Hazlemere Commercial, we regularly utilise LHC framework when working on aluminium commercial installations. If you work for a local authority, health organisation, publicly funded school, college, or university, or any other public service organisation; you could be eligible for LHC services.

To find out more about Hazlemere Commercial and our use of the LHC framework, contact us today. Call us on 01494 897 600 or send us a message online.